Tuesday, May 1, 2012


They say there are three reason's people might leave their friends, family, and all that is familiar and move to the hot, deserts of Saudi Arabia.  Some say it's the money.  They say you'll get rich.  And if not rich, then maybe debt free.  Some say it's the adventure.  Travel the world.  Learn another language.  If not now, then when?  But then some say it's neither.  Some say you've got something to hide.

So, why would I go?  If I said money, would you think I was greedy?  If I said the adventure, would you thing I was irresponsible?  What if I said I had something to hide?

Well, if I had something to hide, I wouldn't be posting it on this silly blog now, would I?!!



  1. Hi! I am going to0!
    For one, I like moving.
    For two, I'm going to a new place.
    For three, I like flying on airplanes.
    And for Four, It's my first time flying with a layover!

  2. I'm also going. It's going to be so cool! We're going to Paris.