Monday, May 28, 2012

4 Bedroom House at Kaust and the Nieghborhood

So my first day at KAUST was really a good start, but the family wants some pictures of the neighborhood first so lets start with that. Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties and paperwork, I will have to give a more though review of my trip and start at KAUST another day (probably tomorrow ;-)

Park across the street from our house. Our house is on the left about 4 houses up.

From the Park

Across the street. Yeah those are our palm trees ;-)

Looking back at the park from the porch.


2nd floor deck area off of what will be the room that shares two kids room

2nd floor deck area off of what will be the room that shares two kids room

View of park from Kid's Balcony

View of one of the schools from the kid's balcony

View of the front yard from the kid's balcony

Kids Bed Room (they are all very similar)

Kid's Bath. Each bedroom has its own Bathroom
Master bedroom deck (but I'm not bitter :-(

Back yard from master bed room Deck

Other side of yard
Sorry no pictures of Master Bedroom. I will try and get some after I get it cleaned up (you know boys with no adult supervision ;-) That about does it for now. It is pushing 01:00 in the Kingdom and I am beat. Nite nite and best wishes.



  1. Kent, what kind of flooring is in the LR and DR areas? I was also wondering where the laundry room was. And one more question - can that DR table be shortened by taking out a leaf? Thank you for the pictures! If there is as much tile flooring as it looks from the pics, I don't think your friends swifter idea will work - a commercial mop and bucket would be better!

  2. Marble tile throughout the whole house. The commercial grade equipment is not a bad idea. I am going to Jeddah in a couple of weeks and will see what i can track down. Another item of note is the fact that the Saudi's LOVE their AC and the houses have NO heat so we may want to bring some cool weather gear to have around for winter and when the kids are at school (we can control) the thermostat at the house)

  3. Nice looking place guys!