Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quick tour around campus

All right it is time for some site seeing. It was about 110 F (or 44 as they like to call it here ;-), so these are from when I first arrived and have not had time to post UNTIL NOW. The first stop on any tour of KAUST has to focus on "the Beacon". This is an amazing structure with multicolored lights at night. It really is the focus of the harbor and amazing to see.

KAUST Beacon

Next on the tour we have little jelly fish. This is only a picture of one, but later on we came near a pier and there were dozens. It was about the size of a salad or dinner plate. I am told that their sting shouldn't give you any trouble, but I have seen Finding Nemo and am not ready to take the chance ;-) Representing with some Tennessee Orange for the friends back at Tech (sure I only bought it because it was on the clearance rack, but still :-)

KAUST and the Jellys dude!!!
Now we will take a little detour for some liquid refreshment from the past. I mean really when was the last time that you saw a pull tab on a can of soda? Another funny thing is that they don't have diet soda, they have "light".

Coke Light, 80's style
The final destination will be to the office. Our desks are located around the perimeter of this wide open space. Very amazing architecturally, but I do miss having a door (or even a wall for that matter ;-)

Well that is about all for now.

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