Friday, June 1, 2012

When the Sabbath isn't Sunday

It's funny as I close out my first official week at KAUST I have been able to adjust to most things a lot easier than I had expected. I am told that it isn't usually this hot and humid (about 110F/~43C) , this early in the year (I guess my pattern of bringing weather extremes in my wake continues ;-). Fortunately, this has not been as bad as I had expected and I am adjusting well.

Then there is the jet lag that everyone talked about. Again this has not been bad. I think that this may have had more to do with the fact that my last 48 hours in the states accounted for about 3 hours sleep, with only 2 more on the plane from DC to Jeddah. It seems that the cure for jet lag is extreme exhaustion.

So it would seem to be smooth sailing if I have already knocked out my two greatest concerns, right? WRONG!!! I can't get used to the week/ weekend. This was best epitomized this morning (Friday) when I received a phone call that my ride to Church was waiting in the driveway. This turned out to be problematic since the call had woken me up :-( So I sent them on their way and was thinking how did I miss my alarm, and then it hit me, I SET IT FOR SUNDAY!!! I have been using my tablet as my alarm clock, and it has worked very well. So I set it last night when I went to bed, heck I even named it "Sunday Alarm" Once I realized what had happened I fixed the alarm, and renamed it "Friday alarm"

I was fortunate that yesterday I was able to meet most of the members that are here at KAUST and was able to have dinner on the square with them and get to know them better. I even went and helped one family move some furniture. A true quorum activity ;-) Downside being that one of the families will be moving back to the States here in the next couple of weeks, and another family will be leaving until the end of August. Regardless, I think they are going to be a great group of people, I just wished that I had been able to go to church with them today :-(

I am sure at some point I will get this all worked through, but it sure is annoying for now.

Best wishes,


Check out this picture that one of people sent me from his morning run.

Picture of the KAUST Beacon at day break

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