Friday, August 24, 2012

My New Job

I'd been a little discouraged about the job hunt here, because the jobs that I would have liked all had people returning from last year to fill them.  I'd pretty much resigned myself to another year of volunteer work when I got a surprise phone call last Thursday.  A position had opened up in the Early Childhood Center as a permanent substitute.  A permanent substitute is at school every day even if all the teachers are all there.  If someone is absent, then my job is to cover for them.  If I'm not needed in a classroom, apparently there is other work for me to do.

Each grade has two permanent substitutes for that grade per building.  I will be working with grade K2.  Here, they start school at age 3 in grade K1.  Four year olds are in K2.  Five year olds are in K3 and six year olds begin first grade.  K1 thru K2 are in one of two Early Childhood Centers (ECC).  Each teacher has a maximum of 15 kids and a full time assistant.  I actually did not directly apply for this job - my resume was passed to them from someone else.  For me, I would prefer to work in either the library or with older kids, but the hours were good enough at the ECC that I decided to go ahead and do it.  I only have 3 training days where I need to be at school when the kids are not.  

We also miss the "thrill" of a huge back to school shopping spree.  They buy all the supplies except for ones that we might personally choose for our kids such as organizers, backpacks, etc.  I start work tomorrow  (Saturday)  and the kids start school on Tuesday.  We're expecting an exciting week!

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