We LOVE puzzles!  All my kids, including Ben, enjoy the classic logic puzzles with grids.  Some still enjoy sudoku puzzles, but their novelty has worn thin.  I enjoy solving a variety of puzzles, but my favorite is Kakuro. Kakuro is a puzzle that looks like a crossword but it is filled in with numbers instead. The numbers 1 through 9 are added up with no repeating digits to reach the target numbers on the puzzle.  It uses a similar logic to Sudoku, but I find it a bit more challenging! If you click the Kakuro page on this site, it will take you to another site dedicated to kakuro.  I don't actually use this site, though, because I have an app on my tablet that has enough puzzles on it to keep me busy for a life time!


  1. My all time favorite puzzles are kakuro puzzles. For those of you who have no idea what a kakuro puzzle is,it looks like a crossword puzzle with numbers all over it. Your "across" and "down" "clues" are the numbers on the puzzle itself. If the number is in the upper right hand corner, it is an "accross clue". If the number is in the lower left corner, it is a "down clue". Using the numbers 1 through 9, place a single digit in each box so that the sum of those digits equals the clue given.

    Give it a try at www.kakuro.com!

    1. i like kakuro puzzles to but, i like logic puzzles better.